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Our work could not be done without our dedicated team of volunteers.
There are countless volunteering opportunities, as described below, depending upon the number of hours per week.
Are you moved by the issues facing asylum seekers in Israel? Would you like to know what we does? Would you like to help and make a difference? If so, please contact us at

Volunteer Attorneys

Through Pro Bono Legal Aid Program, volunteer lawyers have the unique opportunity to change the lives of refugees by helping them in their encounter with the immigration authorities.
If you are an attorney who is interested in taking a pro bono case, please contact us

Teaching English

Due to Israel's policy of refusing to grant status to refugees, many leave for Western countries that are willing to grant them status.

To facilitate as much as possible the integration of refugees abroad, we encourage refugees to improve their English at a time when their application is being processed. If you speak fluent English and you are interested in volunteering with us as an English teacher please contact us

Volunteer Interpreters

Many refugees do not speak English / Hebrew, so we are always looking for volunteers to help during screening phone calls and intake interviews.  We also frequently need assistance translating documents.

If you are fluent in Tigrinya and English or Hebrew and you are interested in volunteering with us as an interpreter/translator, please contact us 

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