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Dental Services For Asylum Seekers 

Refugees are not covered by National Health Insurance, unlike Israeli citizens.
As a result, they are not entitled to dental treatment at the health plans, but only through a private clinic.
Because of the costs associated at a private clinic, many asylum seekers are giving up essential treatments.
As part of our activities, we cooperate with student dentists at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, which offers a range of dental treatments for symbolic prices performed by postgraduate students under the supervision of a faculty member, at the university dental clinic.


Pro Bono Legal Aid Program

Mishan matches refugees who need help with trained lawyers who can represent them on a pro bono basis.
Pro Bono Legal Aid Program volunteer lawyers have the unique opportunity to change the lives of refugees by helping them in many areas including in their encounter with the immigration authorities.

Support Services

Refugees are facing many difficulties due their residence status or language barriers, Without knowing where to turn for help.
We provide consultation on various matters such as healthcare, education and other challenges encountered in daily life in Israel.

Distribution Of Food

Distribution of food and supplies for the needy and anyone who is unable for any reason to prepare food themselves.

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